With more than two decades of experience, Khalid's footprint in the health and fitness industry has crossed many boundaries, which extends well beyond working on 4 different continents. His achievements & accolades includes working with athletes from Major League Baseball (MLB) to the National Football League (NFL) on various aspects of training including speed & conditioning, pre & post rehabilitation, and sports specific training concepts. In addition, Khalid has worked with hundreds of athletes in various sports from the high school level through all Divisions that make up the NCAA collegiate association. Mr. McLeod’s press credentials include being cited in the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Arizona Republic, and the Baltimore Sun, among other news sources. Currently, a columnist for “Your Health Magazine”, Khalid dedicates his time to educating the public on various aspects of health and fitness, while promoting longevity. As a former All-conference Collegiate Football athlete, and recently Hall of Famer, Khalid holds a dual Masters in exercise physiology and nutrition as well as various certifications from several organizations in the industry today.