Roger Mack

CEO/Head Coach

Roger Mack is a certified Master Trainer with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). He has invested more then 18 years into his craft and passion for the fitness industry.

Roger has worked with multiple celebrity figures, appeared on major television networks, is a motivational speaker, and contributes as a fitness consultant. His career path stared in the early 2000's when he qualified for the 2003 and 2004 USA Track and Field Indoor championships in the 60 meter hurdles. Later that year, he qualified for the 2004 Olympic Games Trails in the 110 high hurdles. Roger currently competes in his 40's as a Masters USA Track and Field Competitor.

Roger has trained and developed many athletes from youth to professionals. Recently he worked with NBC'S Biggest Loser Season 6 "Green Team" Adam and Stacey Capers, who he led to the finale.

Adrian Noorestani


Adrian Noorestani is a nationally certified Strength and Conditioning coach. Adrian has more than 20 years of experience as a professional trainer in the Washington Metropolitan area, with clients ranging from youth to the serious-level athlete. Adrian has been involved with sports and fitness his whole life, including martial arts, soccer, hockey, as well as competing in bodybuilding contests. 

Adrian also maintains a certification from the Poliquin Educational Center—a well-respected international educational center for strength coaches and personal trainers—as a Biosignature Practitioner. As a strength coach, Adrian’s passions revolve around helping young athletes reach their full potential both on and off the field.

Aaron trainer

Aaron McLaughlin


Aaron McLaughlin is a native of Northern Virginia and was a multi-sport, all-season athlete in high school before focusing on football in college. When the camaraderie, teamwork and motivation from team sports were over, Aaron began training in martial arts as an adult. His passion for MMA (mixed martial arts) has led him to pursue training in many martial arts including but not limited to Western Boxing; Kickboxing; Krav Maga; BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) (BJJ);Muay Thai boxing; Jun Fan Gung Fu; Filipino Martial Arts and Weapons Systems; and Silat/Sayoc.

Some of Aaron's credentials and affiliations are :

  • 2nd Dan Black Belt, World Taekwondo Federation, Kukkiwon (ID No. 05447000)
  • Purple Belt, Chon-Tu Kwan, International Combat Hapkido Federation
  • Sport Taekwondo Center Associates
  • 2013 George Mason University President’s Cup National Taekwondo Champion (Sparring)
  • 2019 DC National Capital Classic, Adult Kickboxing National Champion (Coach)

Aaron believes martial arts is a great way to get in shape and improve overall health and well-being for body, mind, and spirit.

Emmanuel Trainer

Emmanuel Alao


Emmanuel Alao comes to Optimum with 18 years of boxing experience and 10 years of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) experience. In addition, he competed in other sports such as basketball and baseball.  He graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a minor in Theater Arts. Throughout college, Emmanuel was able to balance competing as an amateur boxer, working a full-time job, and taking on a full schedule of classes. Although it was a challenging process, it made him into the well-rounded man he is today. Fitness gave Emmanuel the strength, both mentally and physically, to manage his demanding schedule.

For Emmanuel, fitness combines the ability to remain both physically and mentally strong. Emmanuel firmly believes that although life is full of obstacles, if you maintain your game face in life and in the gym, you will have a better chance of success in life. His fitness experience ranges from sales and training to management. Emmanuel has a diverse group of clients with some as young as 5 to those 60 and over. Whatever age, Emmanuel knows that each person is different and unique, yet the person can become both physically and mentally strong by incorporating fitness into his or her lifestyle. What makes Emmanuel unique as a trainer and coach is his attention to detail about his clients that allows him to maximize their workouts.