Performance Training

Optimum offers a variety of training and elite performance classes that fit the needs of every athlete. We focus on improving overall athleticism and sport-specific movement. Using an evidence-based system of case studies, we prove that athletes at every level will become faster, stronger and more explosive with our programs. Results are guaranteed!

We believe that these classes will progress the athlete towards achieving optimum performance and measurable results, regardless of sport or position. Everything we design follows a highly specific and scientific program to achieve maximum results.

We will conduct a baseline evaluation and consultation for each athlete. The evaluation outcome, combined with the athlete’s goals and objectives ,will help us determine which classes are the right fit. No two classes are the same. “RESPECT THE PROCESS”

Semi-Private Training

Optimum Semi-Private Training Programs are designed for athletes and individuals 14 and up. Training takes place in a semi-private format. This individualized semi-private training is conducted in a small-group environment limited to a 6:1 ratio (athlete-to-coach ratio.) Clients have the option to pick and choose the day and time of their training sessions, allowing more flexible training schedules. Each athlete starts with a thorough private one-on-one assessment. The process involves us taking a close look at your injury history, training experience, sport of choice, and many more factors. Based on our assessment, our trainers design an individualized and comprehensive 4-week program as a baseline.


Youth Training

Optimum Youth Training Programs are 60-minute, small-group sports performance programs designed for comprehensive and fundamental athletic development. These programs are ideal for ages 12-17 and focus on long-term athletic development. The programs are 8 weeks long and include training two times a week with each class consisting of a maximum of a 12:1 member-to-coach ratio.

Team Training

Optimum coaches are qualified to design and coach your team’s sports performance training. Team training is a great way to gain an advantage over the competition, while simultaneously providing a unique team bonding experience. Team programs are fully comprehensive and address all aspects of sports performance including mobility; power and strength; speed and agility; and conditioning. Team sessions are 60 minutes long and are available on scheduling availability.