Group Training

Outdoor Bootcamp (Seasonal AM) March - November
M - F (Early Morning Only)
60 Mins

Like running, jumping and obstacle courses? Well, then you’ll love this seasonal outdoor bootcamp. Every week we add in elements that ignite and push the body to the limits. We use what nature intended and add in some innovative moves utilizing cool toys like: battling ropes, tires, sledge hammers, kettle bells and med balls. Oh! And there’s always an obstacle course to keep your mind and body engaged. Home base is where we all begin as a group and then the obstacle begins. Each month has 4 weekly themes that comprise the workout aiding in progression: Bodyweight, Resistance Bands, Dumbbells, and lastly Kettlebells. Beginners to Advanced athletes are welcome to attend. Our trainers are equipped and knowledgeable to accommodate all athletic abilities ages 18+.

TRX BootCamp Annual
M/T/Th/Sat (Morning/Afternoon/Evening)
50 Mins

This indoor boot-camp style class features bodyweight suspension training alongside weighted elements like medicine balls, kettlebells, and free weights. These block formation classes include reps and sets that are timed and repetition based. Each season (12 Weeks) we focus on a particular theme like; balance and stability, meso cycles, and lower/upper body workouts. Every class is meticulously designed to progress your body into a new phase. Whether you’re interested in strengthening muscle tissue, shredding or building; you definitely want to incorporate this class into an existing fitness routine. Ideal for intermediate and advanced athletes that have graduated from our TRX Foundation.

TRX Foundation BootCamp Annual
Wed / Sunday (Morning/Afternoon)
50 Mins

Building a strong and stable foundation is the key component to any and all fitness moves. We are serious about getting you in the best shape every but with absolute precision and virtually perfect form. Because without a foundation, proper muscle memory can not and will not form. Our instructors will break down the mechanics of how, why and when to progress to the next level but at your speed. This small group class allows personalized attention and focus. Bodyweight only HIIT style workout that focuses on strengthening deep muscle tissue. This timed class is ideal for all athletic levels wishing to better hone their skills, safely and efficiently.