Boxing and Kickboxing Classes

Optimum Boxing

You don’t have to be a prizefighter to look like one. The key is knowing how to train like one. YOU CAN get the lean, chiseled physique of these highly-conditioned athletes if you know the specialized training methods and stay consistent and respect the process of change.

Boxing training for fitness/weight loss and overall conditioning has recently become very popular in the fitness world due to its simple yet challenging workouts. A combination of traditional Western boxing movements and aerobic exercises that include jump rope, shadow boxing, and punch combinations come together for a whole body workout. Cardio Boxing is one of the best forms of exercise as it conditions the total body! It’s provides a complete workout that increases stamina and strength. You will burn more calories than you would with other cardio exercises as well as losing weight and building muscle mass in the process. This is a fun way to get the job done without being bored on the treadmill. 

Benefits of Cardio Boxing

  • Enhanced Cardiovascular Health, that will protect you from heart disease, burning calories while losing and maintaining weight
  • Improved Total-Body Strength
  • Better Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Decreased Stress 
  • Improved Body Composition
  • Self-Defense 


Optimum Kickboxing

Cardio kickboxing focuses on fitness that combines martial arts techniques with fast paced cardio. This workout is suitable for beginners all the way up to the most elite athlete. A fun and challenging workout that will build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, burn calories, and build lean muscle. The fast movements of cardio kickboxing will help you build faster reflexes, better balance and increases energy levels.   If you are looking to tone your arms, legs, or core this is the perfect workout for you! Improvements in muscle power, speed and agility will be seen. The workout will target abs and lower back muscles during the performance of punches and kicks. 

Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing 

  • Burning Calories and Fat
  • Toning Entire Body
  • Self-Defense 
  • Building Confidence 
  • Decreasing Stress and Aggression 
  • Improved Flexibility